Welcome to the world of Cakes and fast-food!

Every single bite will make you remind a story. Are you hungry so far? We are here to meet your needs. Whether you have a dream about your cake, then we will make it real! No compromise with design and Quality.


About us

At Riha’s Cake & Foods Ltd., our products are made uniquely from scratch from over 100 raw ingredients and almost full mechanical intervention. Our aim is to delight our customers with a broad range of fresh products. We feature naturally leavened hand-shaped bread, morning pastries, cookies, unique sandwiches and much, much more.

Early every morning our bakers are active at work creating small batch, artisanal products. Our items are intended to sell out during the day, so please stop in early for the widest selection. Feel free to call ahead, and we’ll be happy to hold any items behind the counter until you arrive.

Our kitchen is open-design (come and see for yourself!), as is our ingredient list. We source our quality ingredients the same way we buy groceries for our families – using only quality ingredients, with no harmful additives.

Menu Hits


It’s not just a cake, It’s all about creation!


Not just a burger… It’s your choice, your taste… Because you will have the right to choose what do you want…


Yeah… Yummy tasty sandwich according to your taste and choice will be available here instantly…


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Customer Reviews

Best Quality and test I have ever experienced… The decoration and hospitality were impressing too.

Md. Ali Imran Senior Lecturer at Daffodil International Academy

That was really an unforgettable taste… Want to grab it again..

Hasan Rafsan Jony Computer Operator at Charupath Academic Coaching 

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